Penny Dee

Penny is a Motivational Speaker

Author and Podcaster

Hello I’m Penny Dee 

I am a Motivational Speaker, Author and Podcaster

I am the author of Kweens – Happiness Decoded.  This is my first book all about being a women in the world today.

I am a motivational speaker and I talk on issues surrounding women and their role in society.  I also speak specifically on women in business, I bring a variety of views as I worked for in corporate world as well as being a female entrepreneur and owning a number of businesses myself.

My talks are lively, sometimes controversial and always inspiring!

 More about KWEENS

KWEENS – Happiness Decoded 

Prepare to be enlightened, inspired, and
empowered as we uncover the path to true happiness
and self-discovery.

By presenting an authentic perspective of the world as it truly exists, I implore you to liberate yourselves from the invisible shackles that have held you back. Embracing diverse viewpoints and challenging societal constructs is the key to shaping your own destinies, and paving the way for our fellow sisters.

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