Penny Dee – My Story

I have always wanted to help people. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some sort of yes-woman or a timid people pleaser, oh no – as those who know me well will testify. Right after they finish laughing… I’m all about the genuine, practical, useful help. Whether that is help to feel better about themselves, to improve or to achieve something then I am your woman.

Happy Shiny People

Also, as an eternally happy bunny, I want EVERYONE to be happy.  In Penny’s World, everyone rides around on magic unicorns, there’s no meanness, injustice or nastiness, no rude or bad people, everyone is content, and everyone is equal. Everyone has their own magic unicorn.

So how does this sparkly, Utopian vision translate to becoming a business coach?

I was the quintessential, stereotypical IT sales professional. Driven, ambitious, no messing, safe pair of hands, trouble-shooting, over-achieving, pathological problem-solving, high-earning, well-respected Suit. Keeping it simple, selling it big, saying it like it was.

As it goes, I am still all of those things, except the IT Sales Professional, of course…  Oh, and the suit. Thank goodness. NOW, I am an entrepreneur. An actual ENTREPRENEUR.

A (Not) Overnight Transformation

How did this transformation happen?

LOVE is the answer 


I did love my corporate IT career – but, somewhere deep down, I had always wanted a clinic or maybe a salon of my own.  Always intrigued by aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology, I loved facials – and then discovered chemical peels. Astounded by what customised, clinical skin care and advanced skin treatments could achieve, I never looked back and threw myself into learning everything about skin.

Then one day – or should that be once upon a time? – my husband Phil kept me company on my visit to Karen Betts, for my annual colour refresh on my tattooed brows.  The rest is history… He was entranced, so there and then decided to sign-up to train with Nouveau. He was a natural, with a real flair and talent for making his clients look – and FEEL – amazing.  I set up Davis Permanent Cosmetics for him – a dedicated permanent cosmetics clinic. Later, I developed a skin clinic alongside DPC.  After acquiring our own premises and working incredibly hard, to my delight DPC Clinic went from strength-to-strength.

Do. Or Do Not. There is No Try…

It was soon time for life-changing decisions. Should I leave my amazing job – and forego the enviable six-figure salary and matching perks to join DPC (MY baby) and continue the growth? Or should I take my impending promotion, leaving DPC and my husband and member of staff to it, see if they continued to grow without me? It’s not a cliff hanger – of course I left my job. Colleagues were scandalised. ‘You’re leaving to become a beauty therapist’ they cried.  I didn’t bother explaining, simply left on great terms, with a big smile and a cheery wave and went on my merry way…

I could say I never looked back, it was a no-brainer, our dreams came true, there was no incredibly difficult and turbulent time. I COULD, but that would be a big fat fib. NOTHING worth having comes that easily. We were skint building up the business, I was nose-to-the-grindstone studying whilst working all hours. I sold the contents of our loft, I sold my jewellery… some months we panicked we couldn’t pay the mortgage – but we always did. Then, we started turning a profit, and began to grow…


Do What You Love. LOVE What You Do.

There’s a cliché about running your own business, that if you do what you love, ‘you’ll never work a day in your life’. That’s not strictly true… In the early days you might work more hours than you can imagine, of every single day. When you’re not working, you’ll be thinking about work. But it will be worth it. Oh, SO worth it. And I’ll help you every step of the way. Your cheerleader, your good influence, your mentor, your teacher – and your biggest fan.  Just know that if you get this right, you will LOVE not only your business but your life too. After just 18 months of being in my business full time, I had gone from working 6-7 days a week and all hours to to 3-4 days a week with structured hours, whilst still in growth. I was enjoying time off, spending time with my family, having holidays again and loving life AND my business! 

I LOVE our businesses, I LOVE making people happy – and I LOVE making money.  I’ve helped lots of friends build up their businesses and LOVE that too – so Penny Dee was born. My passion is for helping you LOVE your business, be happy in your business, be in control of your business and so grow and make money.  I can help you do this. Make money while doing what makes you happy and enjoying your life and having time for you. Money gives you flexibility and options. Freedom. That’s what I want to give you.


To give people confidence and make people happy is what Penny Dee is all about.



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