Amazon No 1 best seller in Women


KWEENS Happiness Decoded

by Penny Dee

Step inside the latest book from Penny Dee as she explores what it means to be a woman today.

She asks when did women lose control of the world and more importantly, how do we take it back?


In this fascinating insight from a woman’s woman, Penny brings her unique perspective, based on her conversations with thousands of women in her clinic over the years, plus her own life experiences. ‘Question everything’ is her mantra, things we take as a given in everyday life are explored more closely and she urges you to do the same. With her honesty, relatability, and humour, prepare to be enlightened, inspired, and empowered as Penny Dee uncovers the path to true happiness and self-discovery.

Meet Penny Dee, a distinguished British author, award-winning business owner and motivational speaker.

Having gracefully transitioned from the corporate sales realm in her forties, she embarked on a remarkable journey of success, establishing thriving enterprises within the clinical sector. Beyond her professional endeavours. Penny finds fulfilment in her marriage, her commitment to rescuing elderly dogs, and her unwavering advocacy for women’s rights.

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