We all know that retail is a very important part of our skin businesses…. But why is it so important? Afterall we have to outlay upfront and use our business revenue to procure the stock so it can tie up our cash flow. The margin is not going to set your world on fire so why is it so crucial?

Well first and foremost, if you have a skin clinic it is absolutely imperative that if you are performing advanced treatments such as chemical peels and microneedling, you must provide the best products to help your client’s skin recover as fast and as effectively as possible.

Secondly, as part of a well rounded business, a retail service is expected from a reputable clinic. As you know, the skincare industry is an absolute minefield. Walk in to any high street chemist, high end department store or indeed online shops are all offering differing, quick fixes.  Consumers are bombarded day and night with adverts on social media and TV all talking about the next miracle cream, lotion or potion and the message is very confusing to say the least!

It seems to be the latest buzz words float about and every brand jumps on it, the promise of younger skin or getting rid of acne overnight, no matter how outrageous the claims, our clients are so desperate for a quick fix that they will pay their money and hope for the best! Throw in a ‘celeb’ endorsement and our clients simply don’t stand a chance of getting real, impartial information about how to really get their skin concerns addressed and fixed.

Great skin comes from a combination of effective, advanced skin treatments and clean, clinical skincare that is right for that person’s particular skin type. As skin practitioners, we have a responsibility to advise our clients on the correct skin care for them.

If you work with the right vendors that are innovative and helpful to work with, you can get a lot of help and insight into the latest technology from the knowledgeable trainers from these clinical brands. You can keep adding value to your clients and increasing your own knowledge.
Finally, retail can be an excellent revenue stream for your business and if you get it right, you can earn money literally in your sleep as your clients restock their products via your web shop. The vendors often reward bulk buying so potentially if you purchase smartly, you can take advantage of offers and incentives that help with your margins.



If you look after your clients, give them good, solid advice and prescribe the correct skin routine then they will get great results! You know that keeping your clients happy means that they will stay with you.

So the big question is, how do you sell retail in your clinic in an ethical manner? How do you come across so you are not ‘pushy’? Retail does not have to be scary and it does not have to be hard.
When you come from a place of giving, of helping and of caring about your clients it is very easy to do.

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