Decision Making Fatigue, it’s a thing and it’s why many of those well known high achievers wear a uniform of sorts.

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg spring to mind for many but think about someone in a different area such Ricky Gervais, black t-shirt and blue jeans. Simon Cowell, interestingly also black t-shirt and blue jeans. There are many others that do this but why?


Steve Jobs, Ricky Gervais, Simon Cowell, Mark Zuckerberg

As someone who is not interested in shopping for clothes or fashion then I can relate. It’s uniforms in our clinic all the way! Navy scrubs,  nice, comfortable well cut ones are a must.  I have not got time to think about what to wear on a morning.

Out of clinic, day to day I nearly always wear jeans, t-shirt/top or similar. Actually that’s on nearly all occasions. I’m quite happy with that, I don’t need to impress with labels,  Don’t get me wrong, when I see a beautifully put together outfit, I appreciate the way they look and am in awe of their skills (and it is another thing I do outsource), every season I get someone to put a style board together for me with links to the clothes to buy and how to wear them, love it (I use https://www.lauracootestyling.com).  But it if was just left to me, it’s just another thing to think about and I don’t take any pleasure in it thus the outsource.

A ‘uniform’ can streamline your morning, get you out of the door and on with your day.  Try it, see how much easier your day goes.  Watch my video here! Penny Uniform

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