mastermind group WITH PENNY DEE


Why join a Mastermind Group?

Being a business owner is truly amazing but it can be a lonely journey.  Imagine if you had group of like-minded individuals that get it, that want to grow too, that understand you and collectively want to support you?

That is what Evolution is all about!

Now is the time, we have had a huge period of reflection and it is time to take action.  I remove the ‘overwhelm', we work together, with growth and development strategies that are achievable and measurable.

I will bring you the perfect blend of support, structure, coaching, accountability, and community.

I bring you, Evolution 🌸


You will get access to me as I will be in the group weekly, I will present a new topic and set tasks monthly


With Mastermind groups, we get that natural, flowing accountablility, it's grows by building relationships within the group, creating a wonderful network of like minded business owners


I will be in the group every week, I will be montoring the group and will bring you current, relavent content.  Between myself and the group, we have got your back


I will do Hot Seat coaching, this is where I do a coaching call with one of you with the group watching and asking questions


We all are the community, a safe haven for those that are looking to learn and expand their skill set, while networking and having a lot of fun 

Imagine the feeling of accomplishment after 6 months, you will have set and achieved your business goals and will be feeling fantastic.

your business will be on track, life will be better, knowing which direction you are heading in.

stress and financial worry disappear as you take back control and set the direction.

you will fall in love with your business all over again.


Are you ready to grow your business, feel in control, know where you are going and most importantly, why?


Enrollment is closed now but sign up here to be emailed when the next launch is on

I know what you are thinking

my business is not big enough, i don't have time or i don't know where i want to go with my business. i am not ready

But by the time you get in the group and work through this course

you’ll be in a totally different mindset. You will be so excited about seeing your clients and providing them with the right solutions, your social media will be running well, attracting the right clients, making money, having fun and ready to take on the world!

We will be with you every step of the way…


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