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Get Visible!

Are you determined to come back bigger, better. stronger and consistently busy now our businesses are reopened?

Or have you decided it is time for a rebrand?

Whatever your reason, getting your business visible online is essential but does the idea of posting on social media fill you with cold dread?

Does the idea of creating your Google My Business Profile put you in to a technophobic panic and your mind goes blank?

OmniPresence Power Pack is for YOU


I have been there, spending hours faffing about trying to do these things and it is something that comes up in my business coaching groups frequently.  I just wish someone had given me the OmniPresence Power Pack to follow when I was starting out.  The time I would have saved!

The thing is, if you are not getting your brand visible on Social Media, if you are not using Instagram stories, not listed on Google (even if you don't have a website) you are missing a huge section of potential new clients.

It does not have to be hard, in fact I believe I have made this so easy, any one can use this guide successfully.  I have even tested it on my technophobe husband and if he can follow it, believe me anyone can 🙂

 You will be very pleasantly surprised to find you can do it easily with my guidance


What is in OmniPresence ?

I have created step by step guides and videos taking you through the full course, we have checklists and you can print off, work online, the choice is yours.  I have made the guides simple, jargon free – it is an overwhelm free zone.  Included in your OMNIPRESENCE course is all of the guides for you to download as well in these 8 relevant following topics:


Facebook Organic Engagement

How to get organic engagement on Facebook and Instagram with very easy to implement ideas

Facebook Adverts

How to structure the perfect Facebook advert in Ad Manger, step by step

Facebook Audience of your Ideal Client

Step by step guide to profiling your ideal client then creating an accurate and perfectly matched audience in Facebook Ad Manager 

Facebook Offer Advert

Step by step guide on how to create a Facebook Advert that is a specifically for offers utilising Facebook existing functions in Ad Manager

Social Media Calendar

Proven ideas of what to post every day for a month which is easy and fun and will ensure great engagement and attract your ideal client 

Instagram Hightlights

Step by step guide on how to create sleek, professional looking Instagram Highlights for your Stories


This great, free tool is the one to have on Instagram and allow multiple links from just one link, it has analytics and much more. Follow my step by step guide and have this done in mintues.

BONUS MATERIAL Google My Business

Get your business on Google My Business quickly and easily, this is proven to be one of the most effective ways of attracting local clients.  I show you step by step how to set it up and reutilise your content from your social media platform.  Get ahead of your competition because many are not even aware of this fabulous, powerful free tool which is super easy to set up and manage. I will show you how.

Imagine the feeling of accomplishment YOU WILL HAVE when you are REPRESENTING YOURSELF ONLINE, EFFORTLESSLY and ATTRACTING NEW CLIENTS in the process?

KEEP THE FOMO AT bay WITH MY EASY GUIDE that will have you creating content like a pro!

you will be feeling fantastic.

your business will LOOK current, RELEVANT and most importantly YOU WILL FEEL IN CONTROL AND VISIBLE IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES

so what are you waiting for? The time is now!

After the success of the download only, we have decided to put OMNIPRESENCE into a comprehensive course format that takes you through step by step, a mixture of videos, quizzes and downloads make it easy and fun!

I have bundled up so much content for you in this OMNIPRESENCE course.  I have included some many extras and we have a bonus download to cover Google My Business.

I want us to get open and feel confident, ready and raring to go and that is why this guide is all yours for a one off payment of


Start today, get visible and get happy in your business!

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