Power Pills 💊

Do you want information on certain key topics to help you grow your business but you just don't have time to do a full course on it?  My Power Pills are designed just for you.  I listen to what you, my clients need help with and I create content based on this.  The same topics come up time and time again so I have picked subjects that you can relate to as  business owners in the world of aesthetics, beauty and permanent makeup or indeed any business that needs to build an audience.

Simply select the subject you want, all of my Power Pills are priced at £22.22 (2 is one of my lucky numbers) and you will be sent my amazing Power Pill 💊

I have kept them short, easy to follow and full of practical tips and advice for you to get started immediately.  It should only take you between 10-15 minutes to read them and you can use your new found knowledge to implement immediately.

The power of the pill is that once you have popped it, you will get busy straight away and utilise the amazing buzz my content will give you. You will feel happy and motivated 😃


Social Shortcuts

Here is the first one in the Power Pill Series, Social Shortcuts.  This module is perfect for you if you know you should be using social media more, specifically Facebook and Instagram.  If you feel you just can't get started or are not getting enough interaction, this quick guide is packed full of tips, advice, and examples of what to post.  I also include my monthly social media calendar that has ideas of what you can post over the course of a month.  Once you pop this little pill, posting will be easy 💊

PRICE £22.22

Work with Me

If you enjoyed my Power Pills and are ready to take your next step in your business journey, check out my online business and sales course, Sales Bloom which will increase your confidence, your happiness and your turnover.

If you want to have one to one coaching and mentoring directly with me, check out my Business Booster packages.  If you want to go to the next level then this is for you, no matter where you want to take your business next, I will help you acheive your goals.

Message me now to arrange your complimentary Discovery Call, get ready to get happy, profitable and thriving in your business 🌸


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