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Grow your business and increase sales…..

Are you ready for your SALES to BLOOM?

This course is for you if you want to grow your business, increase sales and learn how to attract your perfect client.  I will teach you how to easily sell courses (whether it’s skin packages, treatment courses, annual colour boosts) in your clinic or salon including your retail.

Imagine if you were the ’go to clinic/salon’ in your area, that you were always recommended above most other businesses for your area of expertise?

Attracting new clients is the hardest part of our job, imagine if you could get your existing clients coming back every single month? This would automatically grow your business and increase sales.

Due to so much repeat business after only 8 months in my business, I needed staff!  I taught them how to sell and retain clients my super easy way. I have never looked back.

I’ll let you in to a secret, are you ready? Here is it…

Sales is a skill like any other, it can be taught like any other and I will teach you my method.

Is this what you want? Do you wonder why people don’t keep coming back or why they don’t want to buy your services or lotions and potions from you? Do you struggle with retail sales? Do you have clients who just seem to come for one session then you don’t see them again?

The issue is that they feel like they are being sold to, like you are just pushing certain products or services to them that might not be right. Even worse, you could be encouraging one off visits without even realising it! The chances are you are selling to them at completely the wrong time, when they are in the wrong frame of mind. You are probably cringing when you start your ‘sales pitch’ and clients know when you are not being authentic.

Imagine if nearly every one of your clients bought their skin care from you?
My turnover after only 18 months was 6 figures and I will share with you how I did this.

My life is more comfortable.

I work in my clinic 2 days a week and my business is still in growth. You can read more in my story.

I see these mistakes being made time and time again. It even happened to me when I visited a local spa recently as a client. The encounter was plain awkward and clumsy, I just felt like the Therapist was being told to push whatever she could on me. The irony was I did actually need something that they were selling that day, but MAJOR error, that Therapist did not bother to ask me what I wanted… Sounds ridiculously obvious doesn’t it!?!


Are you ready to grow your business and increase sales? Do you want to achieve this and much more?


I will share with you my method, I will change your mindset around ‘selling’ believe me it is not a dirty word, selling to your clients is how you help them get results. I will show you how and when to sell which almost guarantees the upsell.

If you don’t get on top of this, you will never grow your business and increase sales as this not only applies to your products but your services. You will feel like it is a constant uphill struggle. You will wonder what you are doing wrong, you become more desperate and as such that will turn your clients off even more. Your work will become hard and that is when people fall out of love with their business…And if you can’t up sell, how can you teach your team to?

So how do you turn your clients in to raving fans?

You need to make your clients understand how much you do care about them and about the results they want to achieve.

Get Happy and Get Profitable

When you work with me and implement my methods – the result is happy, satisfied clients who keep returning and keep rebooking and buying into your brand.

They will become your raving fans

This is an exciting online course which consists of 6 modules, you work through the videos in your own time and pace and have access for 1 year.

So what do you need to do to getting your business and Sales Blooming?
It is so easy, simply sign up and start!

Why wait when you can get started on getting happy and loving your business. Get happy and get profitable!

My course has already increased the profits of my existing clients many times over… Not to mention how much happier they feel now and how much more control they have in their businesses.  The question is, why wouldn’t you invest in yourself to get happier and more profitable?


I know what you are thinking

‘I am not a sales person’ or ‘I can’t sell’ or even ‘I do not want to be pushy to my clients’ but I will share with you now, if you are not selling them what they need, I absolutely assure you that someone else is, someone else is giving them what they want and someone else is becoming their ‘go to’ clinic in the area. By not selling them the right solution, you are doing them a terrible dis-service so no wonder they don’t hang around!

But by the time you’ve finished this course

you will be in a totally different mindset. You will be so excited about seeing your clients and providing them with the right solutions, your rebook rates will be through the roof and you will be easily up selling and getting happy and getting profitable! And it will feel GREAT!

I will be with you every step of the way…


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